BSM to Introduce ‘The Jeff Smulyan Award’ in Los Angeles

The sports radio industry has enjoyed immense growth over the past three decades thanks to the audience’s growing appetite for the content, and a ton of hard work, sacrifice, and risk taking from industry leaders. At the 2019 Barrett Sports Media Summit in Los Angeles, BSM President Jason Barrett is taking the initiative to permanently recognize the important contributions of a select few members by introducing awards in their honor.

The first award to be announced by Barrett Sports Media is The Jeff Smulyan Award. This award, which is named after WFAN’s founding father, and the current CEO of Emmis Communications Jeff Smulyan, will be given to a chosen member of the radio industry who has demonstrated a consistent ability to lead, take risks, and produce results. BSM will announce the inaugural recipient of this award on a later date. Plans are for the award to be distributed on an annual basis at future BSM Summit’s.

“If Jeff Smulyan hadn’t rolled the dice to launch an all-sports station in New York City in 1987, and stuck to the plan when it made no sense to do so, sports radio may never have received a second chance,” said Barrett Sports Media President Jason Barrett. “Jeff’s ability to lead, combined with his willingness to take risk, not only benefited WFAN, but it remains the driving force behind Emmis Communications’ success. As new threats for the sports fan’s ear emerge from outside industries, it’s important to remember who paved the way to make this possible, while recognizing those who continue to blaze new trails to help us secure a prosperous future.”

“I’m incredibly humbled and honored that this award is being named after me,” added Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan. “It’s so gratifying to see the remarkable growth of sports radio since the launch of WFAN. I’m also very pleased that the award is being named in my honor….not my memory!”

A total of four awards are scheduled to be distributed at the two-day event to deserving industry members who best exemplify the meaning behind each honor. The BSM Summit is an industry only event, taking place inside the Clive Davis Theater at The Grammy Museum on February 21-22, 2018. To inquire on how to attend the event, speak at the event, or become a sponsor, email Jason Barrett at [email protected].